Monday, August 22, 2011

A new call

After almost exactly four years as the Senior Pastor of Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church, I have received (and accepted) a call to serve Dove Mountain Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Tucson, AZ as Senior Pastor.

Marcie and I visited Tucson and interviewed with the folks at DMPC in late July, after numerous conversations and dozens of e-mails exchanged. In every step of the process, and with every new relationship forged, it was clear to both of us that the "fit" with that congregation was a great one. We were also stunned by the beauty of Tucson and of southern Arizona in general.

The ministry at Dove Mountain Church is (and will be) in some ways very different from Hickory Withe Presbyterian Church, and in other ways it will be so very similar. We have great anticipation for what the Lord will do with both— we look forward to the new ministry in Tucson while remaining greatly interested in how God will continue to prosper the work in Hickory Withe, TN. We consider it a great blessing to be associated with both of these congregations, and of course we are sad to be leaving our family in Hickory Withe, even as we are excited to join with our brothers and sisters in Tucson.

We are making plans to move in late October, after attending to many details in Tennessee. Not least of these is the hope to effectively "hand off" the work of ministry here to the Session and other leaders, and set things in place for an ideal transition to the new Senior Pastor. Of course, we will also be hoping to sell our house, get everything packed, and visiting as many of our friends and family as we can before leaving.

Please keep us in your prayers, as well as these two congregations in their respective times of transition. Our Lord is great and He is good, and will carry us through this to His glory!

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