Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bits and Tidbits, August 2011

  • Tattly Temporary Tattoos. Do your kids (or you!) like to wear temporary tats? Here's a site where you can design your own! (Or choose from a collection of other user-designed ones, many of them quite clever.)
  • 10 Cool Star Wars-Themed T-Shirts. Another clever user-created collection, this one extending the apparently-eternal Star Wars franchise. Some of these are quite funny.
  • 50 Completely Useless Signs. Needs no explanation. Many are hilarious.
  • Beware Romantic Pornography. Here's a great piece from the Gospel Coalition, discussing some of the difficulties of "romantic comedies" and how movies often skew our expectations of relationships.
  • The 24 Types of Libertarian. Political cartoons always catch my eye. Are there more types than these? Maybe so— I can imagine some hybrids of these. Perhaps these are the 24 base types.

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