Monday, February 28, 2011

Bits and Tidbits, February 2011

Too true: "Little Girls Gone Wild: Why Daughters Are Acting Too Sexy, Too Soon" by Rachael Combe. This Redbook article has been circulating a bit on Facebook, but if you haven't had a chance to read it yet, you should take this one.
Snazzy: "Fuji Finepix X100" by Tim Moynihan. Savvy shooters will immediately recognize Fuji's homage to a classic Leica, both in the beautiful form of this digital camera and in quirky features like the fixed focal-length lens (35mm, in 35mm-equiv.). Also not TOO dissimilar is the price!
Fascinating: "Conan 2.0" by Douglas Alden Warshaw. Anyone who followed the curious path of Conan O'Brien's departure and return to late-night television, and who has a mild interest in the impact of social media, will probably find this article as intriguing as I did.
Funny: "My Father's Fashion Tips" by Tom Junod. A well-written piece that is as fun to read for the writing as it is for the content-- which is interesting, humorous, and also pleasantly intimate.
Anyone?: "Why You're Not Married" by Tracy McMillan. I've known some for whom this article applied (no, not you). All of them are married now-- which goes to show that it's not an impossible lot...

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