Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bits and Tidbits, end-of-the-year 2010

Funny: Help! My Half-Elf Is Pregnant! These are excerpts from a Dungeons & Dragons magazine advice column. Very funny stuff.
Strangely Beautiful: Lori Nix's Stunning, Tiny Dioramas Depict an Abandoned World. These are amazing, and betray a fascinating worldview as well.
Also Funny: Awkward Pregnancy Photos. It still surprises me what some people consider artistic and/or appropriate. (Warning: one pic has a bare booby.)
A Real Problem: Walking Santa, Talking Christ. A look at the real statistical differences between those who say they are active in church vs. those who actually ARE active.
Mayonnaise: The Guiltless Pleasure. I like this piece, not so much because I agree with his love of mayo, but because I love his writing style.

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