Monday, February 22, 2010

If you're reading this, we're already gone...

Once again, we're on our way to Chicago for Abbey's cleft palate repair surgery. If I haven't taken this post down, then we're en-route right now-- perhaps even as you read this.

Our schedule this time around should go like this:
Monday, 2/22-- Ed, Marcie, and Abbey travel to Chicago; Jack, Molly, and Caroline stay in Tennessee with Ed's mom and Marcie's mom.
Tuesday, 2/23-- Abbey checks into the Shriner's Hospital of Chicago. Marcie will stay in the hospital with Abbey, while Ed stays at the Ronald McDonald House.
Wednesday, 2/24-- Abbey has surgery to repair her cleft palate.
Thursday, 2/25-- Abbey recovers from surgery; the moms left Tennessee, and folks from church take care of Jack, Molly, and Caroline until Ed's sister Ann Louise and her fiancé Dave Schmitt arrive that evening.
Friday, 2/26-- Abbey might be released, and Ed, Marcie and Abbey return to Tennessee.

After that, it's a couple of weeks of recovery (including "arm imobilizers" for poor Abbey), liquid diet, probably much discomfort, etc. In four weeks or so, Marcie will return to Chicago with Abbey for a follow-up visit (probably just a day-trip by plane).

Please be in prayer for us as we go through this. It's traumatic to think of our 1-year old daughter having surgery, as well as leaving behind our other three for most of a week. I'll do my best to post updates through the week, as I am able.

Thanks for your prayers!

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