Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On a trip...

We’re traveling this week-- part of “we” is, at least...

Most of you know that Abbey was born with a cleft palette-- which means that the hard roof of her mouth (in her case, only part of it) is not fully formed, and there is a gap in the back. This has all sorts of implications, the most prominent of which currently is that she isn’t able to suck on a normal bottle.

A few months ago, Marcie found out that the Shriner’s Hospital cares for this, and through a series of providential encounters (which include my step-father and his neighbors) we were fast-tracked through the application process and Abbey was accepted. This means that she will receive some of the best care available, and 100% of her care for this issue (including even the most incidental costs) will be covered by them, until she is 18.

So today it all begins: they are shuttling us up to Chicago (where the Shriner’s Hospital that treats these is), and tomorrow we’ll see 12 specialists who will begin to assess and plan her treatment needs. Then we return on Thursday.

Please pray for us, and especially for Abbey as we attend to her care. Pray for the rest of the kids, who are staying with our mothers in Oakland. And for the doctors and others who will assess her care. Finally, give thanks with us for God’s provision in this.

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