Monday, April 21, 2014

A smart-aleck grammar wonk seizes a "teachable moment"

Wife: “Say, I got the report from my doctor today."

Husband: “Oh? How was it?"

W: “It was concerning."

H: “Concerning?"

W: “Yes. Concerning. To me."

H: “Of course it was concerning you; it was your report, right?"

W: “No, I mean it concerned me."

H: “Right. Should your report have been about someone else?"

W: “You know what I mean!"

H: “You mean it was ‘disconcerting’?"

W: “I mean you’re a jerk."


Friends, don’t let this happen in YOUR marriage. Learn the difference between “concerning” and “disconcerting."

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  1. or learn when to correct grammar and when not to do so ;)