Friday, February 21, 2014

Living in the "Clue" house

Marcie and I were talking about my collection of musical instruments (which is not insubstantial):

  • Three guitars (one acoustic, one electric, and one dobro-style resonator—though it is currently unplayable, and needs some repairs)
  • A bass (also acoustic, but NOT an upright bass)
  • A banjo
  • A fiddle (yes, a fiddle, NOT a violin)
  • A mandolin (also in need of repairs)
  • A lap dulcimer
  • A strumstick
  • A balalaika (I don’t know if this is playable or not, but it’s neat!)
  • An electronic piano/keyboard
  • A collection of percussion instruments (a djembe, a tambourine, and a handful of shakable instruments)

I also have been promised one of my mother’s spinet pianos, though we’ve never had room for it.

Specifically, we were talking about where we would keep this collection should we actually want them to be available for use. My internal response is always, “We’ll keep them in the music room, of course” (though we’ve never had a room we could designate as such, and I rarely mention this response to Marcie!).

This brought to mind my other rather large collection—books (probably around 4000 volumes)—and the fact that we would probably do well to have a room for these as well! And of course it would be nice, if not quite necessary, to have a designated room as an office/study.


In short, I’ve figured out that I want to live in some version of the “Clue” house: the house implied by the board game Clue, which I played often as a child. The rooms in the Clue house include:

A library

A study

A conservatory

A kitchen

A dining room

A lounge

A hall

A cellar

A billiard room

A ballroom

We could do without the last two; maybe the billiard room would be a small den, and the ballroom could become a family room. It seems pretty obvious that such a house would likely have a second story with at least four bedrooms (maybe five?) and a couple of bathrooms.

Do such houses still exist? What sort of house would YOU live in?

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