Monday, August 13, 2012

Praying for Dove Mountain Church

Over the coming months, Lord willing, Dove Mountain Church will be preparing for some significant changes: we’ve voted as a congregation to seek a new location, more permanent than meeting at Pusch Ridge Christian Academy, that would allow us an established worship space and to facilitate ministries throughout the week.

Members of our congregation ask me about this often, and the questions are usually in one of two forms: Is anything happening with our move? and, How could I be involved in it?

The answer to the first is always fluid; some weeks it seems like nothing happens, and others exciting things happen. We’re still looking for a place that would suit us, and it is proving harder than we hoped. We are undaunted, however, and hope to see concrete fruit of our labors soon.

The answer to the second is almost always the same: PRAY! Sometimes this is obviously unsatisfying, but it is nevertheless the best way that ANY interested party could be involved.

To encourage prayer for our congregation — and especially for our transition — I prepared a guide of suggested prayers, and distributed it this past Sunday. Here are some ways you could pray daily for Dove Mountain Church…

General Prayers

Sunday: Outreach / New Believers

  • For members’ opportunities to invite friends to church
  • For the unconverted to come to faith through our ministries
  • For new believers to engage in healthy discipleship

Monday: Established Ministries

  • For God to guide us in wisdom as we minister to one another
  • For those involved in our ministries to grow spiritually
  • For those who lead to be effective & faithful in leadership

Tuesday: Community Involvement Opportunities

  • For our congregation to be known & valued by our community
  • For the effectiveness of members who serve in our community 
  • For new opportunities to serve and embrace our community

Wednesday: Officers (Pastor, Ruling Elders, Deacons)

  • For our Deacons to minister and serve our congregation well
  • For our Elders to lead and shepherd faithfully
  • For Pastor Ed’s preaching, teaching, counseling, & prayer ministries

Thursday: Future Ministries

  • For wisdom about new opportunities & endeavors
  • For open doors to develop relationships with partner ministries
  • For able leadership & sustained growth of new ministries

Friday: Financial Provision

  • For sustenance & increasing faith & faithfulness of our body
  • For God’s abundant provision for our needs
  • For wise & capable stewardship of the resources we have

Saturday: Corporate Worship

  • For our collective preparation for worship
  • For our communion with God to be rich & renewing
  • For those who will lead in worship to be ably prepared

Transition Prayers

Sunday: Growth in Outreach
  • For a new facility to increase our opportunities for outreach
  • For new relationships in local communities unto Gospel ministry
  • For sustained growth numerically for the sake of the Gospel
Monday: Extension of Ministries
  • That a new facility would extend our existing ministries effectively
  • For our “place” to become a means to deeper discipleship
  • For ministry leaders to know how to wisely utilize facilities
Tuesday: Deeper Community Involvement
  • That a “permanent” location would open new doors in the community
  • For new connections & relationships with surrounding-area businesses, organizations, & churches
  • That we would become known as a church “for” our community
Wednesday: Wisdom in Direction
  • For discernment as we consider possible locations & buildings
  • For guidance, leadership, & provision from God
  • That negotiations would go smoothly & settle quickly
Thursday: New Ministry Opportunities
  • That new discipleship ministry opportunities would arise
  • For the building up of our congregation through transition
  • For growing relationships with sister congregations
Friday: Provision for Our Needs
  • For a new location to open up to us soon
  • For the financial needs for a new building/location to be met
  • For unknown factors to be met in advance by God’s will
Saturday: Deepening Worship
  • That a new location would enrich our worship
  • For deepened & stronger community through worship
  • For worship space adequate for our current & future needs
Thank you for the fellowship of your prayers.

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