Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What Am I Listening to?

I've grown quite weary of the radio news these days; way too much analysis of politics and the presidential race, among other things, has driven me away at least for now.

So I've been adding to my regular round-up of podcasts. Here's a bit of a round-up of the podcasts I listen to regularly. (Note: most links are to the iTunes Store.)


You may notice a pattern here: I usually only listen to pastors that I know, and/or that are connected to a church that I also have a connection to. This isn't by mistake: an interesting argument can be made about whether you should listen recordings of the Word preached by pastors you don't know, from churches you've never attended, and to whom you have no accountability whatsoever. (But perhaps that's for another post…)

Other Christian/Religion Podcasts


Off the list…

  • Living Christ Today— mainly, because they began to repeat content so often. Also, I understand that they have plans to phase it out. And finally, I find it difficult to keep up with a daily (or even every weekday) podcast, and I would lose track of the series too frequently.
  • Mac OS Ken— since I'm not so immersed in tech culture (and work) on a regular basis, I found this one less helpful for me than when I used to do some Mac consulting. Also, again, the every-weekday thing.
  • White Horse Inn— I've always been cautious about recommending this one, because the tone is often too condescending and polemical for my tastes (and I want to avoid exposing others to that, because of the risk of their picking it up!). Also, I found the current series a bit tedious and more condescending than usual.

There you go— my current podcast lineup. On any given week, even I can't run out of stuff to listen to!

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