Friday, March 2, 2012

Suggested Specific Prayers for Dove Mountain Church

  • For spiritual growth for all members & regular attenders.
  • For deeper unity and mutual commitment to one another.
  • For our adult discipleship ministries: Sunday School/Enrichment classes; Home Groups; Bible Studies.
  • For our discipleship ministries to students: Sunday School/Enrichment classes; Baby Church; The Resistance (Jr. High/High School Ministry); The Conspiracy (College Ministry).
  • For those who are hurting and/or grieving to be comforted and strengthened.
  • For those who are struggling with sin or unbelief to be encouraged, built up, and drawn closer to Christ.
  • For God to increase our number and enable us to enfold new people fully and effectively into our congregation.
  • For God to continue to make us into a congregation that is safe for all people to be vulnerable and truthful about their struggles, hurts, backgrounds, and doubts; and that in the midst of that we would be equipped and empowered to minister the grace of Christ to one another.
  • For the hearts and minds of all present each week to be prepared and ready for God to meet with them, fellowship with them, and teach and equip them through His Word and Sacrament(s).
  • For the congregation as a whole to be built up in unity, maturity, and commitment to one another.
  • For visitors, especially unbelieving visitors, to come regularly; and that when they come, God would draw them to Himself and give to them faith and belief unto salvation.
  • For the teams that equip us for worship each week: Setup team; Communion team; Hospitality team; Greeters team; Sound team; Music team; Baby Church/nursery team.
  • For those who will be specifically leading and serving during worship: that they would lead humbly and effectively, and that the role that they take would minister to those present.
  • For Pastor Ed (and anyone else who preaches): for his humility and dependence on the Holy Spirit, for readiness of mind and heart to be an instrument of God, for boldness to confidently proclaim the truth of God, and for pastoral understanding to minister through preaching.
  • For endurance, sustenance, grace, and wisdom for all who have leadership roles in our congregation, and for protection of our leaders personally and in their families from trouble, difficulty, relational strife, or spiritual attack.
  • For the leaders of our Home Groups and Bible Studies: John Bailey; Shirley Cooney; Dave & Donna Dalton; Becky Harada; Mike & Ginny Jones; Jeff & Bonnie Lindesmith; Jan Persons; Rags & Millie Ragland; Charles & Shelley Watson.
  • For the leaders of other ministries in our congregation: Allen Harada (prayer chain); Annette Johnson (Care Meals); Joy Remer (Missions Committee); Dave Young (Creation Fellowship) team leaders (see Worship).
  • For the Diaconate: to effectively identify and meet the physical needs of the members of our congregation; to lead well in the attendance to the details and usage of our facilities; and to be discerning and faithful in the budgeting and use of our finances.
  • For the Session: to effectively shepherd, tend, and lead the congregation in our spiritual needs; to lead well in the guidance and direction of our congregation in the path God lays before us; and to wisely and pastorally come alongside those who are struggling and be effective to bring them back into health.
  • For the staff: to serve and care for the day-to-day details and needs of our congregation and our ministries in order to enable more fruitful and faithful participation of all; for the work of ministry in weekly activities and events to be useful to God for advancing His people in their faith.
  • For Pastor Ed: for greater humility, dependence, and growing devotion before God; for wisdom, strength, and knowledge in ministering and caring for individuals and families in visitation, counseling, discipleship, and other settings; for readiness, preparation, and faithfulness in preparing to preach and teach God’s Word through the week; for an ever-increasing devotion to prayer and prayerfulness.
  • For every member of our congregation to be open and ready for God to lead us wherever He may take us, no matter how close or distant from our own opinions that may be.
  • For God to grant discernment, insight, and clarity to our leadership as they seek to determine the best direction for our congregation in the intermediate and long term.
  • For provision for our needs and sustenance for the carrying out of God’s purposes over the coming months and years.
  • For the congregation that God has made and is making us to be, and for the future directions that God leads us in, to ultimately be what is best for ministry and service to the N.W. Tucson area and for the advance of the Kingdom in Tucson and throughout the world.

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