Monday, February 13, 2012

Congratulations again, Laura!

NewImageOne of my friends from college won a Grammy last night: Laura Story won the award for "Best Christian Music Song" for "Blessings."

Of my 10s of readers, long-timers may remember that I posted about Laura before: when she won a Dove Award for her song, "Indescribable", back in 2009. For the other eight or so of you, let me bring you up to speed.

Laura and I were on the same Young Life team for about a year, and we were friends from the college campus ministry where I was the music team leader (FCA). Also, Laura was in a band for whom I did a lot of photography for their CDs and promo materials. Eventually the band moved on to using a real pro for their photos, and Laura and I both moved on from Young Life to other ministries. But we kept in touch, at least a little, and it was a true delight to see her at the PCA's General Assembly a couple of years ago.

A fun story (sorry, bad pun) about Laura and her husband: one night, after one of the concerts where I did photography for the band, they and a few others (including me) went out for a bite. Laura and I were talking about relationships, and she told me she was trying to decide what to do. A guy she had seen off and on in high school wanted to date again, but she wasn't sure. My advice? Give me a chance! So she did— and eventually they got married!

(I asked her at General Assembly about that, and whether she remembered it; she said she did, and her husband, Martin, said, "dude! Thanks for my wife!")

Congratulations, Laura— may this be the first of many more recognitions of your wonderful talents.

Buy Laura's award-winning song, Blessings, here.

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