Saturday, June 18, 2011

Winter Light

As you may know, I work with a ministry called Doulos Resources, and one of the things we do is publish books and other materials that we see as meeting a particular need within the church, particularly those that don't have another venue for publication (because they fit into a "niche" for example).

Earlier this year, our board determined that one of the real needs for the church is good "literary" books that are also theologically sound. Consequently, we formed Kalos Press, an imprint of Doulos Resources, to focus on this need.

The first title from Kalos Press is now available: Winter Light: a Christian's search for humility by Bruce Ray Smith. Winter Light is everything we could want in a first title, setting the bar high for the rest of our forthcoming titles.

Even better, it is a great study in every Christian's struggle and quest for humility. Written in a journal style, it is at times poetic and always profound. The writing is beautiful, matched and surpassed only by the deep devotion and insight that the author displays in his own journey away from abject pride and toward a greater re-making in the image of Christ.

Winter Light is for sale in print and digital form; you can buy it from the Kalos Press website or the Doulos Resources eStore. It is also available through the Covenant Seminary Bookstore, Hearts & Minds Books, and the usual online venues.

I highly recommend Winter Light for your summer reading.

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