Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bits and Tidbits, April 2011

A bunch of "Cs" for April...

Creatively Funny:
10 disturbingly violent biblical stories depicted with Legos. Maybe this is what my son Jack will do when he grows up...
Challenging: Tax Breaks vs. Budget Cuts. This page/infographic offers a provocative comparison of some of the proposed budget cuts in the coming year, alongside some of the tax breaks included in the extension of the "Bush tax cuts".
Capitulation: Disney: No More Fairy Tale Movies! So, will the next wave of Disney movies feature apathetic, childish leading men and spoiled, self-absorbed leading women?
Chesterton Responds: Chesterton on Fairy Tales (or Fantasy). Okay, so not a direct response to the Disney thing, but pretty close actually.
Commas, Please: The Worst Magazine Cover of All Time. This is a candidate for vol. 2 of Eats, Shoots and Leaves. Privately, I'm hoping this was just a photoshopping prank.
Copyright Satire: News of the Times: Library System Terrorizes Publishing Industry. Funny comic that mocks the fear-speak of the publishing industry. (HT: Gordon)

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