Friday, September 17, 2010

Smart folks I know...

I thought it might be nice to do a round-up of some of my buddies who are bloggers. I highly recommend the following:
  • Barlow Farms. A friend and former neighbor covers just about all the bases. Jon lived in the same apartment complex while we were in seminary, and I got to know him enough to recognize that, when he had something to say, it was worth hearing.
  • The Nesting Place. An old acquaintance blogs on (extraordinarily creative) home decorating. "Nester" (aka Myquiline, in the offline world) and I were Young Life leaders together in another age.
  • In Light of the Gospel. A fellow pastor looks at important questions, ideas, and people. James is the pastor of a church about 20 minutes from mine, and he and I have gotten to be friends over the last several years.
  • Half-Pint House. A friend blogs about everyday life. Megan and I became friends through her blog first; interestingly, I began reading it because (at that time) her family was preparing to move to St. Louis to begin studies at Covenant Seminary, where I was then a student. She and her husband Craig (who is a highly-capable blogger in his own right, at Second Drafts) became some of our very good friends.
  • Traveling. A sent-out missionary reflects on where theology, culture, and life intersect. Bethany was one of my youth group students for about four years, so I get to claim some degree of spiritual influence on her; now she returns the favor in spades.
  • Scribo Facio Noto. A classmate challenges the status quo of church and ministry. Matt and I shared a lot of common ground while in seminary, and I continue to find that we still do.

Here's a disclaimer: every one of these folks has tons more traffic than I do, so I'm surely only linking to them because I can claim to know them. But all of their blogs are worth reading.

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