Saturday, June 26, 2010

Bits & Tidbits, June 2010

Five Mistakes I Make in My Marriage: this is a great list of mistakes that occur in most marriages, frankly. I'll use this in future pre-marital (and marital) counseling.
Bret Michaels Explains His Bandana: yeah, Bret's a little over-the-top with the constant bandana. I'm glad to finally get some closure on this nagging question. Not.
World's Largest Hamburger: I guess there's something impressive about this interesting record-setter; Certainly the fact that they went to the trouble of making a bun and putting "fixins" on it. At the same time, it looks a little bit digusting. (HT: Jeff)
Fifty Worst Inventions: maybe I'm a little too sympathetic to Steve Wozniak, but I don't think the Segway should have been #1. (HT: Tim)
Too Much Government?: this is a great piece from Chuck Warnock about all of the ways that we benefit from our government.

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