Friday, March 26, 2010

For All the Saints

Some of my tens of readers already know that I have just had a new book published. For All the Saints: Praying for the Church was just released by Doulos Resources earlier this week.

I started working on this book a little over a year ago, when the president of our Women in the Church ministry, Jane Mitchell, asked me if I could help her find a resource for the women on learning to pray for the church. (This fit well into our
Ministry Focus for last year, which was prayer.) She had already looked and found nothing. I looked myself, and I couldn't find anything either. I was astonished; surely there was something out there on how to pray for the church?

If there was, I couldn't find it. So I told her I would write up a guide for them. I set out to fill a page with ideas, and that quickly became a few pages front-and-back. This evolved into a pamphlet, then a booklet, and eventually a small book.

My colleagues at Doulos Resources liked my small book, and after a few changes and improvements to the original, it became what it is today. I'm grateful to see it in published form, and I hope that it will serve the church as a useful resource.

One of the things I really like about how Doulos Resources offers books is that they want to make them easily affordable for churches. If a church wants to buy more than one copy for distribution or re-sale (like on a book table, etc.), Doulos Resources will discount the price to just $5 per copy.

anyone can get a 10% discount through the Doulos Resources E-Store by entering this discount code: JF8PT64K (that discount applies to ALL Doulos Resources titles!).

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