Monday, October 20, 2008

Book giveaway: Churched by Matthew Paul Turner

I reviewed Churched by Matthew Paul Turner the other day. Waterbrook generously gave me two extra copies to give away, and here’s your chance to get one. I’ll have a drawing for the two copies, chosen randomly from any names who answer the following question:

How far is it reasonable to drive to worship?
  • 10-15 minutes (10 miles) or less. I think we should worship as close to home as we can.
  • 15-30 minutes (15-25 miles) or less. It's okay if I don't live that close to where I worship.
  • 30-60 minutes (25-45 miles) or less. I don't mind going across town to worship at my church.
  • More than 60 minutes/45 miles -- no limit. If I have to drive a long way to worship, then so be it.
  • Other...

Please choose one of the above answers. If you choose “Other...” then explain, please. Thanks!

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