Sunday, June 22, 2008

Cheesy lawyer ads

Do you get as tired of seeing these guys on TV hawking their “law services” to any of us who might remotely fall into an action class? This modern-day version of ambulance chasing gets under my skin. Consider this an open response to these hucksters.

First of all: why would I hire you instead of calling someone I actually know (who is at least remotely connected to the field of law) and asking for a referral? If your answer is, “because you know my face from TV” then you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid too long.

Second: how did you decide that this-- marketing yourself as someone who takes advantage of others’ difficulties-- was a good career for you? Are you aware that you come across as slimy and opportunist, and most people (if they don’t ignore you) consider you and the services you offer to be about two notches lower than the seedy used car salesman stereotype? Surely someone has cared enough to tell you this before, but if not, I’m Simon Cowell enough to do so now.

Finally: you should be aware that I (and, hopefully, others like me) will urge anyone I know NOT to employ your services. As a Pastor, I’m convicted that the biblical passages that urge Christians not to take one another to court applies today; further, I believe that when legal action is necessary, it should be as uncontentious as possible. My instincts tell me that your approach would be at the far-opposite end of the spectrum, and you would go for as much contention as you could muster. I generally believe that our culture is far too letigious, and I think the positions and attitudes that you represent have greatly contributed to that.

In closing, I offer the excellent commentary from my man Remy, who astutely points out everything that is wrong with your commercials. Watch and learn:

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